At Tabernacle Preschool, our program is designed to help young children develop healthy self-concepts, to become independent individuals and to use their eager minds to explore God's world.  We are committed to providing a wide range of opportunities, materials and activities to help children grow and learn and to be prepared to succeed in school.

It is our goal to provide a Christian foundation upon which a lifetime of learning will be built.


Meet Our Staff

Front Row, left to right: Virginia Ballard (Administrative Assistant), Ashley Garrett (Toddler's Teacher), Caroline Edwards (Toddler's Assistant), Tammy Long (PreK Teacher), Janet Kruer (2's Assistant), Amy Baumgarner (PreK MWF Assistant), Nannette Gaylord ( 3's Assistant), Jessica Strickland (PreK M-F Assistant), Ann Strickland (PreK MWF Teacher), Susan Williams (Director).

Back Row, left to right:  Nikki Rhyne (2's Teacher), Judy Robinson (3's Teacher).